searching for wrong
so you can point your stubborn finger at me again

some records should have warning labels like “listen only when on birth control” or “be sure to have condoms around when you’re listening to this shit”.

the parental advisory label is cool and everything, but you’ll get pregnant on isaac hayes’ hot buttered soul and no one warned about that did they?

money, money, money, root of all evil.

if anything went wrong in my life, even getting told off by a teacher, i would just come home and play music. it would make me realise i’m okay with myself. there are various things that happen in your life, stuff with your family, when you’re growing up, and music has always been my escape from that.

— matt bellamy


it seems like no more, by shlohmo & jeremih will be my 2014 summer tune.

it seems like let it go, by shlohmo & jeremih will be my 2014 summer nights tune.

for composing music is as much a part of my living as breathing and eating. i compose music because i must give expression to my feelings, just as i talk because i must give utterance to my thoughts.

— sergej rachmaninoff

it seems like no more, by shlohmo & jeremih will be my 2014 summer tune.

Anonymous asked: what's that quote about your dad about??

it’s exactly what it says on the tin, i said it’s so relatable because it really happened to me. my parents divorced when i was 6. i stayed with my moms so my father had to phone home for me to get ready because he would pick me up a few hours later. sometimes i would get ready, hours would go by and he didn’t show up. i would wait for hours at my moms garden so i could hear if his car was near, i remember it being dinner time and my moms just happened to go to the garden to pick something and she found me there still waiting. i eventually learned my lesson.

  • senhorio: não me sinto à vontade para arrendar uma casa destas a alguém tão novo.
  • eu: ...
  • senhorio: mas depois dou-lhe uma resposta.
  • eu: ...
  • eu: ...