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angelo badalamenti explains how he wrote “laura palmer’s theme" with david lynch

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this woman’s work, maxwell (kate bush cover)

"she sent me a letter giving me props. i was kind of worried because songs are like people’s children so it was nice to get the nod from the parent, that i did a pretty good job watching the kid."

all i ever asked for was patience,
patience and pussy, but mostly patience.

“la ingratitud humana no tiene límites.” —gabriel garcía márquez
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you can’t imagine how distressing looking out the window can get.

beg sexy.
“don’t plant your bad days. they grow into weeks. the weeks grow into months. before you know it, you got yourself a bad year. take it from me. choke those little bad days. choke ‘em down to nothin’. they’re your days. choke ‘em!” —tom waits

do not fall into a vicious cycle of excuses, those are for the incompetent, for the unpassionate. this is something i have to keep reminding myself of. this might be the longer road, but i couldn’t walk in so many different ways if it wasn’t. that said, i do wish i had the money to give life to these videos and ideas, and to put all this music out. on a lighter note, my aunt gracciosa gave me this book called “de consolatione philosophiaei”, by boethius. it’s amazing. this motherfucker personified philosophy as a woman and the book is basically a dialogue between the two. by the way, it’s the first time i’m deliberately not answering a letter someone sent me. let’s cut the bullshit next time, i don’t like to overdose on pointless use of vocabulary in the books i read, so you can imagine how i felt reading your look-how-literate-i-can-be-using-all-these-words-i-don’t-normally-use letter. i feel like going back to the theatre and watch the grand budapest hotel again, it was that great. oh and natalie dormer… i’ll take two of those, please.

i believe that if i find that something is being hard to get, it means that it is what i’m supposed to follow. i wonder if every creator thinks like this, and how many gave up because they didn’t realize that this crap isn’t supposed to be easy. i’ve been hanging on to the little things, like this urge to go home to record a melody or an idea for a song that has been in my head for hours - it feels like those days in high-school, not having anything on my mind but skipping classes to fuck. sex has been hand in hand with my creative expression for a while - love for recreational purposes - but it took me some time to see it as a creative tool, before that, it was more of an alternative. i started coming up with lyrics and ideas while watching girls dressing up to go home - something worth admiring, even when you’re still half-asleep - wondering what they are thinking/feeling, so i ended up creating this female character. she doesn’t have a name, and i’m not sure how i would give her a voice, but this idea has stuck with me for a long time: a dialogue, trapped in the closet type shit. i hope it happens.
meanwhile, it started raining. i’m inside my car, in front of a power station. it’s deactivated but it has hundreds of lights. i hope this isn’t the closest i’ll ever be to feel like i’m in blade runner. it’s underwhelming.