kanyeezy just can’t lose.

after watching the “i love kuduro” documentary all i can say is that i’m so glad i was never too cool to cope with this amazing, passionate and inspiring sound and culture. i’m thankful for growing up around it and glad that i embraced it at an early stage in my life. but some people are just too cool to be down with it. unless it’s m.i.a doing it, then we’ll reblog the fuck out of it. and let’s hope thom yorke doesn’t mention it on his playlists, or comes on stage with a marfox shirt, or maybe he’ll even make an album with a mediocre rendition of it like he did with afrobeat, then it will be the next “new” big thing around.

nha gritu pa justisa,
é kánta pa igualdádi.

pops went away but i stayed, vagrant,
placed where the steel and cement became nature.
love what you did with the place, it looks gorgeous,
cityscape, where the blood of good men courses.
and the dreamers are bull trapped in porcelain,
take a knee to the gods and get horse shit.

quantos sonhos já destruí,
e deixei escapar das mãos.
se o futuro assim permitir,
não pretendo viver em vão.

"putting a nobody’s ass in check by doing nothing." - an essay by your boy here.

mixed feelings. #newplace #omo

mixed feelings. #newplace #omo

my brother just got out of jail. it’s been a year of hipocrisy; of people asking how my friend is going, not because they care, but to get more stuff to go tell their friends, acting like some kind of insiders; of people hanging on to it to get some kind of status; of people telling their friends from out of town they know a black dude who got arrested and how tough this town is, pretending they know what they’re talking about. but now they shook.

sabem quando o son goku pedia forças aos humanos para fazer aquela cena? sou eu agora, para me darem forças para conseguir mudar de casa em três horas.

plasticity, youthquaker

put your headphones on and listen to this.